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Tim has vast experience in media and production. In 2008, Tim was instrumental in the development of MILBRadio.com, an independent internet Minor League Baseball radio show that covered Minor League Baseball from coast to coast through its numerous correspondents nationally. Tim also developed and produced the website OfficiallySpeaking.com which its content is on the forefront of sports officiating education. OfficiallySpeaking.com is now part of the MIBT Media network. Tim was key in the implementation of a video based officiating education platform developed by the Illinois High School Associaton and adopted by the National Federation of High Schools for use nationally. Tim has also done video education work with the Big Ten as well as many other sports officiating associations and organizations. In addition, he has produced promotional documentaries and a variety entertainment podcast CBKRadioland.com featuring Cannonball Kelly which is also now part of the MIBT Media network. Tim goal is to educate and entertain people across the country and the world through MIBT Media.